Ashiatsu Massage

Many of my clients look over my website and ask me, “What is Ashiatsu Massage“?  Ashiatsu massage, also known as barefoot massage, or Oriental Bar Therapy,  is considered one of the most luxurious forms of massage.  It’s where the therapist uses their entire body, while grasping onto bars installed on their ceiling, to provide a deep and nourishing massage to clients.  The feet glide across the body in a rhythmic and graceful manner to reach the deeper layers of the tissue.  This helps to reduce tightness, chronic holding patterns, myofacial release, and enough pressure to allow the muscles to “let go” and surrender to the bliss of this modality.

All parts of the feet are used to reach different areas of the body including the toes, soles of the feet, and the heels.  Ashiatsu massage covers so many aspects of the body including the neck muscles, shoulders, ribs, low back, erector muscles, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and even hard to reach places like the IT band, TFL, and the deeper calf muscles.

Most clients are surprised at what the feet can do when receiving an Ashiatsu massage, particularly when working the neck and pecs with the feet and even the hands!  For those interested in learning more about this modality, check out our Ashiatsu services and additional blog posts.