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Dali Singh, Massage Therapist in Portland, OR

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About Dali Singh

Blue Marigold Massage + Wellness was founded by Dali Singh, Licensed Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, and Western Herbalist. For the past 10 years, Dali has been training rigorously in the healing arts so she could be of service to her clients and community at large. She graduated from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage with advanced certifications in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Shoulder Mobilization, and Hot Stone Massage. She is certified in Level I and II Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. She received her Chi Nei Tsang training and certification through Saumya Comer at the East West College of the Healing Arts.

CBD Infused Massage Now Available at Blue Marigold

After a few weeks of trialing our CBD infused massage oils on clients (thank you for being our guinea pigs - you know who you are), we have decided to officially offer it at our massage studio! Our clients have been raving about how exceptionally calm and relaxed they feel after their session. They've also [...]

CBD Infused Massage Now Available at Blue Marigold2018-12-31T23:35:40+00:00

North Portland Real Estate Agent Interviews Blue Marigold Massage

What a wonderful interview we had with Frank Marzetta, a leading real estate agent at Premier Property Group! Frank interviews local businesses throughout the North Portland area and found Blue Marigold Massage + Wellness during his search for new businesses in the quaint St Johns region of Portland. Frank also received his first Aromatherapy-Infused Ashiatsu [...]

North Portland Real Estate Agent Interviews Blue Marigold Massage2018-12-10T15:08:53+00:00

Ashiatsu Massage is more than just backwalking

Many of my clients look over my website and ask me, "What is Ashiatsu Massage"?  Ashiatsu massage, also known as barefoot massage, or Oriental Bar Therapy,  is considered one of the most luxurious forms of massage.  It's where the therapist uses their entire body, while grasping onto bars installed on their ceiling, to provide a [...]

Ashiatsu Massage is more than just backwalking2018-12-10T15:09:29+00:00

A New Massage Studio in St Johns, North Portland

We are excited to announce the official launch of Blue Marigold Massage + Wellness, a healing sanctuary offering high quality, advanced massage modalities including Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (also known as "Barefoot Massage"), Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Advanced Shoulder Mobilization, Blue-Thai Massage (our own version of Thai, incorporated with Hawaiian Lomi and Ashiatsu), Aromatherapy, and [...]

A New Massage Studio in St Johns, North Portland2018-12-10T15:07:19+00:00

For Clients: How to Get the Most out of your Massage

There are thousands of articles about the benefits of massage, as well as educational courses for therapists on how to improve their techniques. However, I have not seen many articles from a client's perspective in terms of how they can optimize their massage experience. There have been multiple occasions where I've received a massage and [...]

For Clients: How to Get the Most out of your Massage2018-12-11T20:47:49+00:00

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

The New Way of Deep Tissue Massage Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage, also known as Oriental Bar Therapy ("barefoot massage") is the original western barefoot bar massage technique using deep tissue graceful strokes that gently glide over the body. Movements are combined with circular movements, pressure points, stretching and strokes to create structural change to the [...]

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