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Hot Stone Massage: History, Uses, and Benefits

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Now that we are offering hot stone massage at blue marigold, we wanted share a bit about their application and history. Hot stones have been used reverently throughout the ages for their therapeutic properties by cultures on every continent. Ancient Hawaiians discovered the power of natural lava-based stones long ago, Chinese medicine has traditionally incorporated stones to balance the body’s organs, and the Ancient Romans used them as a part of their bathing rituals — to name a few! Throughout the world, they have had a long and rich history of promoting medicinal and spiritual health.

We love hot stone massage because of the deep muscular release that is made possible by their amazing heat, as well as the feeling of peace and wholeness that they bestow. We use them with coconut oil and move them in long, deep strokes throughout your entire body. As a tool, using the edge of a stone allows for a deeper pressure in places of chronic tension, such as the often troubling area surrounding the shoulder blades.  The heat from the stones penetrates far into your body’s tissues, which allows for a more thorough freeing of muscles and fascia than we are used to receiving.  Another perk is that the heat from the stones does so much work to soften tissues and promote fluid movement that the therapist is then able to work beyond your usual trouble spots – the ones which can sometimes be time-consuming to release! Large knots seamlessly melt away, so we can go to work and reach those areas that may not have been attended to for awhile. The warmth of the stones stimulates circulation marvelously, which strengthens the immune system and helps to support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

One of the most fulfilling things as a massage therapist is to weave together different treatment modalities to provide a thorough and dynamic treatment for our clients. For instance, it is no surprise that we have found hot stones pair incredibly well with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. This combination creates a fluid and graceful experience with deep physical release of tension. We find that the spirit of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is embodied as we use stones, a sacred piece of our planet, to promote healing and harmony.

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