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Ancient Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang, in simple terms, is internal organ massage.  Gentle techniques allow access to both the physical organs and their energetic components to help move stagnant Chi, release adhesions, and align, calibrate, and optimize organ function. Our organs are responsible for digestion and assimilation of not only food, but also emotions, experiences, etc.   In today’s society, many people regularly experience stress, negative emotions, tensions, the weight of past illnesses or injuries, and “overdrive” experiences. The energies of these accumulate in the abdominal center, causing energy blockages.  As a result, vital organ functions can stagnate and lead to problems throughout the body. Chi Nei Tsang works to remove these blockages, allowing the vital organs and naval center to be detoxified and rejuvenated.

Chi Nei Tsang partners with the Chinese Five-Element Theory, and utilizes Sound Healing exercises, subtle and deep tissue manipulations to help bring balance to the whole body.

As this work is done mainly on the abdomen, it is recommended that clients wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for the session.

Chi Nei Tsang of the Pelvis

Since the abdominal and pelvis regions are interconnected from an energetic standpoint, we offer custom 90 minute massages treatments to include Chi Nei Tsang of the abdomen and pelvis.  If you are interested in this treatment, go to the “Book Now” button and choose the Chi Nei Tsang 90 Minute Massage (Abdominal + Pelvis) to receive a custom treatment.  This treatment is based on an ancient form of healing through the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine.

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Dali was phenomenal, and the space was so lovely. I was in so much pain before my visit–shoulders, back, and hamstrings. Afterwards, I felt like I was walking around the world in a hot bath, completely relaxed and pain free. Her massage style is very thoughtful, present, and purposeful. I’m so thankful she had such amazing availability and for such a great price!

Anne M

Absolutely amazing. I have chronic pain in my entire back so massage has been out of the question for me until now. This wonderful lady is a miracle worker. I mean it! She is able to massage my pain away. I have had other massages around here and there, you know those franchises… I always left in more pain than when I arrived. Not with Blue Marigold Massage. I find that I am usually pain free, for the most part, until my next appointment. Highly recommend for anyone wether you have pain or just love a nice relaxing massage. Great atmosphere too. Love this place.

Laura B

I visited Blue Marigold while visiting friends in Portland from NYC. I get weekly massages as I am very sore from running, and training for the marathon. My massage from Dali was personalized to be exactly what I needed. She knew I was on vacation and was able to combine techniques to make sure my sore muscles were attended to with deep pressure, but also that I was able to relax and enjoy soothing touch. I wish I lived there so I could go back regularly — definitely worth the flight cross country so If you are in the neighborhood – take advantage of her custom treatment.

Danielle S

Dali at Blue Marigold is a brilliant massage therapist who also has an extensive knowledge for herbal and essential oil treatments. She provided a wonderful massage experience that melted away my daily stress and addressed specific muscles issues in my shoulder. Highly recommend to everyone. Worth more than she charges.

Scott H

I’ve been lucky in my life to have some great massage therapists in Hawaii and NYC. So, when I needed a much needed massage in Portland, I found Blue Marigold Massage on yelp and tried it out due to the great reviews. I was not led astray. My Ashiatsu and lomi lomi massages were amazing. Dali is an expert body worker and instinctively knew which part of my body needed work. She tailored her massage for my specific needs. I will definitely visit again on my next Portland trip.

Naheed E

I have not had massage work done in years and after this massage I will switch to regularly getting them from Dali.

I have chronic neck tension and lower back pain, as well as acute stress. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and had no idea that pairing it with massage could be so useful. The massage was very calming and deeply attentive. Dali was hands down exactly what I needed –  she has the perfect touch.
I’ve already recommended her to my friends, and I will be going back for more visits.

Melanie H