The New Way of Deep Tissue Massage


Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage, also known as Oriental Bar Therapy (“barefoot massage”) is the original western barefoot bar massage technique using deep tissue graceful strokes that gently glide over the body. Movements are combined with circular movements, pressure points, stretching and strokes to create structural change to the body and to provide ultimate relaxation.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy was conceptualized and developed by Ruthie Hardie, who offers training courses around the globe for Ashiatsu massage.

The benefits of Ashiatsu are tenfold. Every client of mine that has received Ashiatsu massage has been significantly impacted by the session in multiple ways – structurally, emotionally, and spiritually.

From a purely physiological standpoint, here are the benefits:

  • An effective bodywork treatment for treating and preventing all types of athletic injuries.
  • Increase in range of motion and athletic performance
  • More flexibility in the joints leading to injury prevention
  • Deeper than a typical deep tissue massage
  • Great for chronic tension and pain in every area of the body including back, shoulders, neck, legs, and arms

In addition to all this, it offers clients a chance to completely unwind from the stress of daily life.  By the therapist using their feet and the weight of their entire body, clients are able to get the pressure they need in an unobtrusive and gentle manner.  The feet can work in magical ways and in all the nooks and crannies of harder-to-reach muscles (scalenes anyone?) and ligaments.  Who would have thought that an ancient modality like backwalking could take form in such innovative ways here in the West!